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A timer for tabata workout

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Aerobic as well as other kinds of physical exercise can improve our health, especially of they are practiced on a regular basis. Nonetheless, there are some types of workouts that are way more intense than the efforts usually involved in regular training, one of them being widely known as Tabata training. This particular sort of exercise consists mainly of a set of several rounds of intense effort followed by short periods of rest. Timing the intervals precisely would require a special kind of countdown and, fortunately, a small and cross-platform tool of this kind is Tabata Timer. The interface of the application is not something you could call attractive, not only because it occupies a great deal of the screen, but also because of the dull color scheme: black and white when idling or during the rest intervals and black with red during the work rounds. The practical aspect is better represented with Tabata Timer, since it has all the necessary buttons to ensure the correct functioning of the timing role it has to carry out. Operating this utility is a breeze, mainly because you have to follow only a couple of steps in order to have it run properly. As the program is deployed for the first time, all you have to do is set the desired number of rounds before starting the exercises. The default value is 8, but you can go as high as you need with the numbers here. An important mention that has to be made here is that once you close Tabata Timer, the number of rounds will reset to the original figure. Pushing the 'START' button will lead off the rounds, beginning with a rest time of 10 seconds followed by the 20 seconds interval of work. This cycle is repeated until the series are complete. Note that pressing 'STOP' at any given moment will put an end to the whole workout, even if not all the rounds have passed. Overall, the functionality of Tabata Timer proves to be more worthy than its looks, so anyone on the lookout for a simple means of timing this particular type of physical exercises can safely try this little app. Reviewed by Olivian Puha, last updated on December 4th, 2013

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